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Battery Storage

With battery storage integration, you can use solar even at night!

Solar panels are a cost-effective technique to generate electricity to power your home using sunlight. However, you still need energy for your house at night, so you will normally purchase electricity from the grid, which is what your electricity supplier will bill you for. Here is where the effectiveness of battery storage devices is put to use. Battery Storage will convert any power generated by the solar panel throughout the day and store it for later use. At times, this technology allows households to become entirely energy independent. 

Why should you install a battery on your property even if you don't have solar?

If you live in a flat, a listed building or a conservation area, or if your roof is unsuitable for solar, you can now install a battery on its own. Simply by changing your energy supplier to one that offers a Smart Tariff, such as "Octopus Energy," you can set up the battery to charge overnight during off-peak hours at a fraction of the cost and then use to power your home, resulting in huge savings on your bill.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers

Telsla Powerwall Battery Storage || Certified Tesla Installers || Alba Heat and Power
Tesla Power Wall installed for Battery Storage in Scotland by Alba Heat and Power
Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

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